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PC Drip Line

I-Drop PCNDAS series Pressure Compensating drip line can provide uniform flow rate when irrigating complex topographies, sloping lands and long distance row crops. The dripper and drip line production lines and technology are imported from Israel. The world technology ensures the great performance in high clogging resistance, Anti-Siphon (AS) , and Non-drain (ND). They are the ideal solutions for hilly sloping grown and subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) application.

Pipe Diameters: Dn16mm, Dn22mm;

Wall thickness: 0.4 mm to 1.0mm;

Dripper Spacing: 20cm-100cm;

Flowrate:  0.9LPH, 1.6LPH, 2.0LPH;

Working Pressure Range: 0.5 – 3.5 bar;

Recommended Filtration: 130 Micron/120 Mesh

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Features that we are super proud of

Plentirain PC Drip Line Adopts advanced flat dripper and high quality PE materials, bringing superior flow rate characteristics

Pressure compensated

Maintain excellent discharge uniformity at a wide range of working pressure and various topography, such as the hilly land, sloping land and long row crop projects.

Super clogging resistance

The wide filtration area, wide labyrinth passages and advanced self-cleaning technology bring excellent anti-clogging performance for long life

Non-drain (ND)

Dripper shuts down at low pressure ( <0.14 bar) to keep the pipes full of water between irrigation intervals for precise and uniform irrigation in the whole system.

UV and chemical resistance

Expected lifespan over 7 to 10 years depends on the different wall thickness, good anti-aging performance.

Detailed Description and Specifications

PC Dripper features

Why Choose I-Drop PCNDAS series?

Install the drip irrigation tape
Uniform discharge flowrate in complex topographies
I-Drop PCNDAS series provide uniform water discharge and nutrient distribution in the whole irrigation system (flowrate difference will not exceed 7%) in various topographies.
Uniformity in the pulse irrigation application
The system will stop dripping when the pressure is lower than 0.14 bar to keep uniformity for interval irrigation.
Clogging resistance and stable superb performance
 I-Drop PCNDAS series has the Anti-Siphon (AS) and Non-Drain (ND) functions to prevents dirty and soil suction during system draining, combing with the self-flushing mechanism and wide filter design of the dripper, making it ideal choice for multi-season use and SDI project.
Economic solutions for long row crops
It can keep uniform flow rate for maximum 600m (depending on the emitter spacing and emitter flow rate), so you can have a reliable irrigation system at low cost by using less connectors, sub-main pipes and labor.
Our experience with Plentirain has been an absolute pleasure. Mr John works closely with us to source what we need at a reasonable price.
Mameaw & May
Client from Thailand
“It’s been great to cooperate with Plentirain Irrigation company, we are appreciated on good services. Well done! “
Client from Thailand
I and my company are very proud of Plentirain products. Their irrigation equipments that I am using since 2016 are the best quality.
Company Manager from Togo
As a company dedicated to the production of fresh cherries, we have had to modernize all the irrigation systems in our orchards. For this, the support of Plentirain was essential, both for the quality of its products and the attention of its staff.
client from Chile

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