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PC On-Line Dripper

Pressure-compensating no-drain online drippers are ideal option for greenhouses, nurseries, orchards and vineyard.

  • Flow Rate: 4LPH, 8LPH.
  • Recommended filtration: 130 micron / 120 mesh.
  • Outlet type: Nipple type and Barb type.
  • Color: Black, Brown, Customized.
  • Application: greenhouses, nurseries, orchards and vineyard, ideal option for irrigation project in uneven land and pulse irrigation application.
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Features Of PC On-line Drippers

Flat PCND Dripper

Pressure compensating

Precise and equal amounts of water delivered over a broad pressure range, ensuring 100% uniformity of water and nutrient distribution along the laterals.

No-drain function

Eliminates the waste caused by drainage and refill process, shut off at 0.11 bar, improves accuracy and efficiency in pulse irrigation.

Low flow exponent

The exponent is as lower as 0.05, close to zero, so the right flow rate of the dripper will be always equal.
Barb PCND dripper


The self-flushing mechanism helps to expel debris throughout operations. Combined with the high-quality silicone diaphragm and large water passage labyrinth, the drippers offers great anti-clogging performance and reliability even with harsh water conditions.

High consistency

dripper body is injection produced and ultrasonic welding sealed, no assembly inconsistency  and very low CV.

Long service life

Made by virgin PP and anti-UV additives, high-UV resistant and fertilizer corrosion resistant.
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