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The 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)-the Newest Activity Hebei Plentirain Irrigation is Taking an active Part in

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Introduction of China Import and Export Fair

China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, was founded in the spring of 1957. It is held in Guangzhou in the spring and autumn of every year. It has 59 years of history. By the end of the 126th Canton Fair, the total export transaction volume of the Canton Fair is about 1412.6 billion US dollars, and the total number of overseas purchasers attending the fair is about 8.99 million.

In 2020, as the global COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread and international trade was severely impacted,the Canton Fair has been held online for three consecutive sessions. At the 129th Canton Fair, 26,000 exhibitors at home and abroad displayed their products, conducted live marketing and conducted online negotiations through the online platform of the fair and the distribution of buyers’ origin set a record.

The 133rd Canton Fair is opening in spring 2023 at the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex. The offline exhibition will be exhibited in three phases:
Phase 1 From April 15-19, the following items will be on display: Electronics and home appliances, lighting, vehicles and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical products, energy…
Phase 2 From April 23-27. It will feature exhibits of daily consumer goods, gifts, and home decoration…
Phase 3 From May 1-5. On display will be textile and clothing, footwear, office, luggage and leisure products, medicine and health care, food…

Our Action-Hebei Plentirain Irrigation

We are taking parting in this 133rd Canton Fair. Welcome to visit us. Our Booth is 6.0B13. The products we have on display are Drip Irrigation tape, Flat Pressure Compensating Dripper, Cylinder Dripper,Drip Tape Fitting,Rain Tape, Solenoid Irrigation Water Valve, Micro sprinkler and so on.

Caton Fair Booth Link of Plentirain Irrigation :
The entrance of the Canton Fair:

Contact US-Hebei Plentirain Irrigation

Hebei Plentirain Irrigation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier in agricultural micro irrigation, i.e. drip irrigation and mini sprinkler irrigation. Founded in Sep.,2014,it is located in Shijiazhuang city, only 1.5 hours’ bullet train away from Beijing, China. The main products are drip irrigation system products, such as drip tape, dripline, on-line dripper, arrow dripper, joints and connectors, screen & disc filter, venturi fertilizer injector, PE layflat hose. We also supply mini sprinkler irrigation, such as rain spray tape, standing-up type mini sprinkler and hang-down type mini sprinkler.Plentirain irrigation products are suitable for vegetable farm, row crop farm, vineyard, orchard, and greenhouse etc.

If you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will reply to you within 24hours.


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