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Introduction of pressure compensation dripper

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What is pressure compensation dripper?

Due to the compensation of pressure compensation dripper, pressure compensation dripper is the most turbulent and water-saving type in drip irrigation system. Compensation effect, that is, When the water pressure into the dripper, it can reduce the range of the water pressure, which keep the flow rate at the outlet of the dripper in a relatively stable range. It is crucial for contemporary water-saving irrigation.

Applications of pressure compensation dripper

Pressure compensating drip tape can be widely used for greenhouses, fruit trees, grapes, nurseries and other crops. Especially suitable for the following situations:

• Complex terrain, such as hilly area and slope land.

• Large length of drip irrigation pipe is required.

• Crop cultivation is not standardized.

• The working pressure is unstable.

Characteristics of pressure compensation dripper

• Pressure compensated: It maintains uniform flow rate under certain working pressure and complex terrains, such as the hilly, slope land and long-distance crops. Therefore, the adaptability of the dripper to complex terrain is increased.

• Anti-siphon: When it drains, it can prevent the inhalation of debris and soil, which can be used for subsurface drip irrigation.

• Self-cleaning technology: During the working process of the emitter, the water flow through the emitter will automatically flush the impurities inside the dripper, which will achieve a long-term stable irrigation.

• Non-drain: Dripper closes at low pressure ( <0.14 bar), allowing the pipes to full with water during the intervals of irrigation. At the beginning of the next irrigation, the entire pipe starts to drip at the same time, which make the flow rate more evenly throughout the irrigation system.

• Super clogging resistance: The wide filtration area, wide labyrinth passages and advanced self-cleaning technology bring excellent anti-clogging performance for long life.

• Superb UV and chemical resistance: life expectancy is 7 to 10 years depending on the different wall thickness.

• Variety of flow rates and wall thickness: 3 kinds of flow rates (0.9L/H, 1.6L/H, 2.0L/H) and wall thickness from 0.4mm (15mil) to 1.0mm (39 mil) .

•High-durability construction: Robust UV-stable drip Lines made to weather damage from heavy machinery, soil insects, sun exposure and recoiling.

Why choose us?

•Low cost: Hebei Plentirain Irrigation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. is a original manufacturer of agricultural micro irrigation for more than 11years.Our products cover the whole micro irrigation system, including drip tapes, driplines, PC on-line drippers, arrow dripper kits, fittings and accessories, screen & disc filters, rain pipes, etc.

• We use pressure compensation, anti-siphon, self-cleaning technology, non-drain, super clogging resistance, superb UV, chemical resistance and other technologies, which can achieve stable, efficient and long-life emitter irrigation.

•Uniform yields: Exactly the same amounts of water and nutrients reach every plant – even in long laterals and complex topographies.

•Fit your needs and budget: Pipe diameters and wall thicknesses can be customized. OEM&ODM is available.


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