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Hebei Plentirain Irrigation officially upgraded its corporate Logo

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A brief profile of Hebei Plentirain

Since its establishment in 2014, Hebei Plentirain Irrigation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. has specialized in drip irrigation and micro-spray irrigation for more than 8 years. During the past years, the company has won the favor and trust of customers at home and abroad with its high-quality products and dedicated service. The company’s irrigation products are popular all over the country, and the sales network covers more than 30 provinces and regions in China. At the same time, the products are exported to more than 110 countries, with a total export value of more than 25 million US dollars up to the end of 2021. Plentirian brand and trademark has gradually grown into a well-known brand in the industry.

In 2021, we upgraded our production facilities and introduced new product series to further optimize our product portfolio. The company’s products are developing in a higher-end, more precise and more reliable direction.

In order to better reflect the company’s new features and highlight our concept of focusing on agricultural micro-irrigation, the company has designed a new corporate logo, which will be officially launched on February 1, 2022.

The overall shape of the new logo integrates the alphabet “P” and “R” which are the English abbreviation of the brand name “Plentirain”. It also highlights drip irrigation elements to show the company’s core business and increase brand recognition.

The new logo continues to use blue as the main color, symbolizing abundant water sources and the inheritance of the company’s history; green and yellow as auxiliary colors, symbolizing the vigorous growth and harvest of crops; farmland stretches beyond borders, symbolizing hope and the future.

Hebei Plentirain Irrigation Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. will take the logo upgrade as a new starting point, and make persistent efforts to provide customers with higher standard products and services, provide farmers with more cost-effective product solutions, and contribute to the development of agricultural irrigation.


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