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What Kind of  Drip Lines (Drip Tape )that Plentirain Produces?

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As a manufacturer focused in Drip irrigation for more than 10 years, Hebei Plentirain Irrigation Equipment Co.,Ltd. has a complete collection of all the types of drip lines which including flat drip lines, Cylindrical Drip Lines and Pressure Compensating drip lines.

Plentirain Flat Drip Lines

  • Flat Drip Line is our best selling models and also our featured product. It has been exported to more than 50 countries and help us win a lot of long-term clients, The 5 features of this products are listed as below:
  • Good Resistance to tension and water pressure.  Anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and durability. 
  • Adopts advanced type of flat dripper, bringing superior flow rate characteristics, high clogging resistance and excellent cost performance ratio. 
  • No breakage of each roll, ease of operational handling and convenient for mechanical laying. 
  • Manufacturing uniformity: Dripline production process complies with  ISO9261.  Inspection is applied to each roll on diameter, wall thickness, dripper spacing, bursting pressure. And flow rate, CV, emission uniformity, tensile strength, hydrostatic pressure and other items are tested routinely.
  • E. Various wall thickness and emitter spacing to meet the requirements.

Plentirain Cylindrical Drip Lines

The Cylindrical Drip Line we produce is Non-PC type. Widely used for Gardens and Orchards. The big size makes the international transportation is expensive, so it is mainly sold in China.

Plentirain Pressure Compensating drip line

Plentirain Pressure Compensating drip line can provide uniform flow rate when irrigating complex topographies, sloping lands and long distance row crops. The dripper and drip line production lines and technology are imported from Israel.   It has great performance in high clogging resistance, Anti-Siphon (AS) , and Non-drain (ND). The ideal solutions for hilly sloping grown and subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) application.


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