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Factors affecting the service life of drip tape and drip line

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The service life of drip irrigation pipe is mainly affected by the wall thickness, material quality, anti-clogging ability, water quality and other factors. The presence of insects and rodents can also have an impact on its lifespan.

Product factors affect the drip tape lifespan

When we choose and buy drip irrigation pipe, we are more concerned about its service life. There are many manufacturers of drip tape in the market, and the service life of the products produced by different manufacturers are also different. So, what are the specific factors that can affect the service life of drip tape? Here, we’d like to introduce the following influencing factors for your reference:

  • Wall thickness: The thicker the wall of drip irrigation pipe, the stronger the resistance to physical damage and the longer the service life.
  • Material: There are many kinds of materials for the production of the drip tapes. The products made of new materials have high tensile resistance, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and long service life.
  • Anti-clogging ability: If the dripper has high anti-clogging performance, the drip irrigation pipe is less likely to have most kinds of failures and its service life is relatively long.
  • Water quality: When the irrigation water source contains more sediment or organic impurities, the equipment is prone to clogging and its service life will be shortened.
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Operational factors affects the drip tape lifespan

The installation of drip irrigation tape has always been the job that the user needs to master. The installation quality will directly affect its later use effect.Therefore, we should install the drip lines according to the correct method. Below is the tips we suggested to pay attention to:

  • Right position of the water resource: In order to ensure uniform pressure, even water discharge, and saving consumables and electricity costs, the water source and the location of the hub are generally chosen in the middle of the plot, and the location of the higher zone.
  • Correct layout of the drip tapes: The pipes at all levels of drip irrigation tape should be vertically arranged with the superior pipes. Under the condition of flat slope terrain, the equipment should be perpendicular to the superior pipes, and the laying of the equipment should be symmetrically laid on both sides of the brance pipes. Under the condition of uniform slope terrain, the capillary tubes are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the branch (auxiliary) pipe and according to the hydraulic properties of the capillary tubes, the inverse slope direction is short and the slope direction is long.
  • Try to make the branch pipe installed on both sides of the main pipe, branch pipe length as much as possible the same, so that its symmetrical layout.
  • The laying direction of the final drip irrigation tape should be parallel to the planting direction of the crop.
Manual Installation of Drip Tape

In order to ensure that the drip irrigation tape can achieve the ideal use effect in farmland irrigation and achieve the purpose of saving water, we should install the drip irrigation tape according to the correct steps, and follow the above requirements in the installation process.

You can also visit our website to get the tips to install the drip tapes correctly. They are listed in the blog. And also you can leave us a message by sending us email, our sales team and technical engineers will be glad to offer you the informations you need. Plentirain Irrigation is always there to help the farmers to make the best use of the drip irrigation system. And welcome to try our qualified drip irrigation products!


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