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What is Drip Irrigation?

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Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation, also named trickle irrigation, is the one type of crop irrigations that can delivery of waters and fertilizers to the plants efficiently, smoothly and precisely.

Drip lines or drip tapes are adopted in drip irrigation system. The drip lines or drip tape are PE tapes or pipes with integral emitters. These emitters have a fixed flow rate under a certain pressure.

The drip lines will be laid along and have emitters at the root area of the plants. So the water can flow directly to the plant, drop to the active root zone or soil.

The drip irrigation can be complex for big size land, which need irrigation engineer to make the design and have a complete system, while it can also be very simple for small size land which just need a water tank, filter and the drip lines.

Large Area Drip Irrigation Diagram

This diagram shows the basic elements of a large area drip irrigation system. Usually it including the Pump, Valves, Filters, Air Valves, Main Line, Submain Line, drip lines, Connectors and Accessories.

Small Area Drip Irrigation Diagram

This diagram shows the simple drip irrigation system for a small area, which is usually for a land less than 1 hectare. It is a Gravity Irrigation System, no external energy required.

Because of the small water pressure, the irrigation precision and efficiency are lower, only used for small size land.


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