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Wonderful irrigation solution! Drip irrigation introduction and it’s benifits!

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Drip Irrigation Introduction

Drip irrigation is a water and nutrient delivery system placed either below or above the ground, that gives you the ability to deliver water and nutrients directly to the root zone, in accurate amounts based on the plants current needs. It use the drip lines for drip tapes to take the water to the plants.

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) systems are most suitable for large-scale operations. Compared with on-surface systems, they require a higher initial investment, but deliver additional benefits like lower labor requirements and operational simplicity. SDI systems favor modern tillage practices such as no-till or minimum tillage.
On-surface systems are more suitable for small to medium sized farms. They require a lower initial investment, but they carry a higher operational cost related to seasonal dripline deployment and collection. On-surface systems can be designed as 100% portable, making them a good fit for rented plots, allowing farmers to take their investment with them.

The benefits that a drip irrigation system can bring to you

  • Higher yields, consistently and 100% land utilization

Drip irrigation uniformly irrigates 100% of your field, irrespective of topography, field shape and soil type. Drip irrigation delivers a yield range of 15-18 tons/ha consistently, year over year, regardless of weather conditions.

  • Save water and energy costs. More corn per M3 water and per Kg fertilizer

Drip irrigation fosters zero evaporation or runoff, so it creates the best water use efficiency (WUE) index possible. Drip irrigation’s high nutrient application efficiency ensures maximized production per fertilizer unit.

Long lasting performance

A subsurface drip irrigation system can last for up to 20 years, and many of the components, like filters, valves and conduction pipes, can last even longer.

Minimal maintenance

Drip systems have no moving parts or complex mechanisms, so, when compared to pivots, they require less maintenance and endure less breakdowns. Drip irrigation systems can be operated and programmed remotely, requiring less working hands per hectare.

Excellet weed control

Precise water delivery ensures minimal weed growth, reducing herbicide application costs.

The advantage comparing with the sprinkler irrigation and the furrow irrigation

Drip irrigation is proven to deliver up to 20% higher yields than center pivot irrigation, using the exact same amount of water. Since pivots spray water on the leaves, much of it is lost to evaporation, whereas with drip, 100% of your water is used to produce more corn. In addition, subsurface drip systems irrigate 100% of your field, while a center pivot leaves 21% of your crop unirrigated. Drip is also the ideal delivery solution for fertilizers. With precision fertigation, you minimize fertilizer application costs and increase the efficiency of every resource you have.
Drip irrigation is proven to deliver up to 40% higher yields than furrow irrigation while saving up to 50% in water usage and 30% in nutrients and labor. Additionally drip irrigation helps prevent nutrient leaching and runoff that is common in furrow irrigation. Another important advantage faster and precise delivery of water and nutrients to plants in no time compared to furrow irrigation where it may take a few days. Moreover, crop homogeneity is significantly better with drip irrigation due to the homogeneous supply of water and nutrients directly to the roots.

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