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Your one-stop supplier of connectors and accessories for drip irrigation systems. You can find all kinds of drip irrigation fittings here, whether they are drip tape connectors or drip line connectors. Customized production is available
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Fast Ring Connectors

Fast ring connectors are compact, economic, and ease of use. They are tighten when pulled because of the conic design. You can easily install or remove them from the drip line.
Designed for: Drip Line with wall thickness from 6mil (0.15mm) to 16mil (0.4mm).

Lock Nut Connectors

Lock Nut Connectors are extremely reliable fittings which connect and fasten the drip lines by twist lock nuts. They are widely used in the multi-season drip irrigation systems and subsurface drip irrigation system. They are also good options to connect both ends of a damaged drip line in the event of a crack or burst.
Designed for: Drip Line and drip tape with wall thickness from 6mil (0.15mm) to 24mil (0.6mm).

Barb Connectors

The highly durable, UV-resistant barb connectors are made of virgin Polypropylene (PP) or Polyoxymethylene (POM). They are designed to prevent leaks and withstand harsh weather and fertilizers.
Designed for: Connecting Dn 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm LDPE irrigation lateral pipe and heavy wall drip line .

Mini Valves for Drip Tape

Mini valves are incredibly user-friendly. They adopt POM as the main body material which is wear-resistant, self-lubricating and strong. The high accuracy mold and high quality materials made the mini valves easy to use and durable.
Designed for: The lock nut series are designed for drip tape, thin wall and medium wall drip line. The barb series are designed for Dn 12, 16, 20 and 25 mm LDPE irrigation lateral pipe and heavy wall Drip Line
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