Plentirain valves are designed for reliable irrigation system control, accurate pressure and flow regulation, remote activation and system protection. We have manual valves, solenoid valves and air valves to ensure you can take complete control of your irrigation system.
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Air Valve

The new-designed combination air valve has the functions of traditional vacuum breaker and air release valves in one set. It can provides air and vacuum release during system startup and shutdown, and continuous air
release during system operation. You can reply on it to protect your irrigation system from water hammer, efficiency loss and suck-back
Size: 3/4“ ; 1” ; 1-1/2“; 2”

Manually Controlled Valve

The valve is controlled manually, by a brass 3-port selector, that allows
the user to selectthe CLOSED / OPEN / AUTO (remote
controlled) position of the valve. The control is effortless and quick,
even under high pressure conditions.
Size: 1-1/2“; 2” ;3”; 4”; 6”
Materials: Reinforced Nylon or UPVC

Electric Valve

Also names as solenoid valve, There are 2-way 2-way Electric Valve (ED) and 3-way Electric Valve (EL). The valve is designed for maximum simplicity for greenhouse and field irrigation, controlled by an electronic controller. Can be supplied with operation using AC, DC, Pulse-DC- Latching or integral 2 Wire decoder (DIAS).Manual override is enabled through an integral switch decoder.
Size: 1/2“; 3/4“; 1”; 1-1/2“; 2” ;3”; 4”; 6” 
Materials: Reinforced Nylon or UPVC

Pressure Reducing Valve

The valve maintains a preset downstream pressure, regardless of upstream pressure or flow rate fluctuation.
The valve allows full opening when upstream pressure drops below the pressure set-point. There are both Manual Pressure Reducing Valve
and Electrically-activated Pressure Reducing Valve available for your selection.
Size: 1-1/2“; 2” ;3”; 4”; 6” 
Materials: Reinforced Nylon or UPVC

Quick Pressure Relief Valve

The valve is a hydraulically operated safety control valve designed to protect system by releasing pressure surges in water network elevation lines to atmosphere quickly, it protects a system against pressure surges caused by pump start-up or valves closure. When network pressure exceeds set point, valve opens by itself quickly and protects system by releasing over pressure. When line pressure decreases to normal level, it is closed slowly and automatically as fully tight without causing surge.
Size: 3”; 4”; 6” 
Materials: Reinforced Nylon or UPVC

Pressure Sustaining Valve

The valve automatically maintains and sustains a preset upstream
pressure discharging any overpressure downstream.
It takes its feedback signal from upstream. The inlet pressure will be
maintained steady reagardless of changes in flow rate or downstream
Size: 3”; 4”; 
Materials: Reinforced Nylon or UPVC
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