Drip Irrigation Filters

Filters are necessary for protecting the irrigation system from damage and clogging. We offer the screen filters, disc filters and hydrocyclone sand separators with different specifications and features to fit for irrigation system from small land to large farms.
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Disc & Screen Filters

Manual Filters

The manual filters are usually used in-field backup filtration and primary filtration on small farms. We have both screen filters and disc filters with a wide range of different sizes, flow rates, shapes to meet various requirements. Made by high quality modified PP plastic with precision mold, they are all strong, durable, accurate and resistant to pressure and impact.
Automatic Drip Irrigation Filters

Automatic Backwashing Filters

Automatic backwashing disc filter offers a fast and efficient backflush helps you save on human resource costs and ensure a continuous filtration during irrigation. Pre-assembled units available with controller, backflush valves and stand for an easy site installation. Meanwhile, The automatic disc filter units are designed to international standard and have BST, VIC, NPT type connectors available. They are good options for you to assembly a complete set with what you already have, or used as a spare parts for your system.
Sand Filters

Hydrocyclone Sand Separator

Used as primary filtration when using water with high loads of sand. It uses centrifugal force to separate sands and stones from the water. Very important for irrigation system which adopts well water, bore water or canal water resources.  
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