Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

From economic and efficient sprinkler irrigation on field, to greenhouse, poultry and livestock cooling and humidifying, and precision irrigation over rooting tables, you can always find the ideal choice from our reliable rain pipes, micro sprinklers and foggers.
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Rain Pipe

Rain Pipe is also named as sprinkler hose, rain tape, rain hose, micro irrigation spray tube, perforated tube etc. It is a flat PE hose with laser punched holes to spray water mistily. Rain Pipe irrigation system is a low cost and high efficient farm quick irrigation solution. It is easy to install, maintain, reallocate and works with low water pressure to save labor and energy. Comparing with traditional flooding irrigation, It can save more than 50% water, and increase the harvest 60%~80%.

Micro Sprinklers

Standing Rotating Micro sprinklers and Frameless rotary sprinkler (hanged down type) are developed with premium engineering plastic which has been special treated with anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet modification. They have the excellent anti-clogging design, anti-drain function (hang-down type with the anti-drain valve) and easy for maintenance.
Application: Irrigation in orchards, greenhouses and gardens; cooling of poultry and livestock


The fogger, also named as mister, delivers tiny droplets at a low pressure of 2.5 bar, providing efficient cooling and humidifying . The fogger set is equipped with an anti-drain valve which shuts off when water pressure goes down, so the system allows high-frequency pulse irrigation and protect the delicate plants located below from water drip.
Application: Precision irrigation over nursery bed plants, rooting tables, delicate flowers; Cooling and humidifying greenhouses, poultry and livestock; Anti-epidemic drug spraying.
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Micro Sprinkler Accessories

The uniform connectors and accessories for micro sprinklers and foggers. Save cost and reliable.
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