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To support clients get the most reliable and ideal main and submain irrigation lines, Plentirain developed several kinds of layflat hose and PE pipes. Whether you need a lightweight, economical or durable type, you can get it here.
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PE Layflat Hose (Reinforced)

Also named PE reinforced belt, is a new type of high pressure resistant hose which is composed of PE inner film and PE woven outer layer. It is much lighter, thinner and more durable comparing with traditional PE hose. It can replace the traditional PVC lay flat hose and PE oval hose for micro irrigation, water discharge in the farm, water supply for construction site and mining etc.
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PVC Layflat Hose

Made of a balanced polyester yarn spiral wrap, longitudinal strength member and Grade A+ PVC tube cover to prevent separation. The X lining can improve the tensile strength. Mainly used as the mainline for drip irrigation system and micro sprinkler system.
  • PE Irrigation Pipe
  • 16mm PE Irrigation pipe

PE Irrigation Pipe

Made of high-quality PE with anti-UV and anti-aging inhibitors, can be used for multi-years in tough environment. Widely used in farm land and green house irrigation as the delivery pipe for on-line dripper, arrow dripper set, drip irrigation, hang-down microsprinkler set and standing-up micro sprinkler set, etc.
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PE Oval Hose

The PE oval hose is extruded hose used as the main line or sub-main line for drip tape or rain pipe . The raw material is low density polyethylene(LDPE) with Anti-UV additives. Good resistance to UV, anti-algae and bacteria, economic and durable.
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Layflat & Pipe Hole Punch

A complete collection of hole punched to punch or drill holes on the pipe and holes used in irrigation system, such as the PVC-U pipe, PE pipe, LDPE pipe, PVC hose, PE hose, PE oval hose
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Layflat connectors

We provide various plastic coupling, ball valves, PP fast connectors for hoses and pipes, please contact with us for details.
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