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Plentirain PP Compression Accessories

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Plentirain PP Compression Accessories include Plentirain PP Compression Fittings and PP Ball Valves. They are suitable for polyethylene pipes with an external diameter of 20-110 mm and are commonly used in liquid and potable water conveyance at pressures up to 16bar. We use materials that are resistant to UV rays and many chemicals. We have developed socket fittings that do not require heat fusion connection, reducing labor and time costs. It is truly fast, easy and safe.

Clamp Saddles

The clamp saddles are produced from high quality raw materials and have good resistance to impact. They are designed for side outputs on PE pipes. Diameters are available from 20mm to 110mm.

Sanitary Prescriptions: The clamp saddle line is fit for conveying food fluids because its materials are conform to the national and international standard in force.
Lab testing: The high quality of the products is guaranteed through regular quality audits through rigorous laboratory tests, and under the most stringent test conditions.

Working pressure: The clamp saddle line allows a maximum working pressure (PN-PFA-) from 4 to 16 bar, at temperature of 20℃.

Reference Standards:

Pipes:UNI7990,DIN8074,UNI EN 12201
Threads:ISO7-1:2007;UNI EN 10226-1:2006;UNI EN ISO 228-1:2003;ANSI ASME B1.20.1:1983
International standards:ISO 13460

Plentirain is committed in the development, production and sales of high-end agricultural micro irrigation products,including drip irrigation series (drip tapes, drip pipes, PC on-line drippers, arrow drippers, drip irrigation connectors and accessories and valves), and micro sprinkler irrigation series (rain pipes and accessories, standing-up micro sprinklers and hanged-down micro sprinklers).

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