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The Meaning of LOGO Plentirain—1.Design Element and 2.Brand Concept

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Design Element of Plentirain

The Meaning of LOGO Plentirain
The Meaning of LOGO

Combine the letters “P” and “R” from Plentirain to create a logo that is easy to spread and remember.

The rainbow and terrace are simplified into the letter “R”. The beautiful symbolism of rainbows is used to convey the brand concept of Plentirain.

Brand Concept

In Chinese, the LOGO is referred to as “沛雨”, which translates to “Plentiful Rain”. Water is the fundamental source of all growth. Abundant rainfall symbolizes the hopeful aspirations of farmers for a bountiful harvest during the agricultural process. The “R” incorporates the graphic elements of the rainbow and terraces, conveying our aspirations and contributions to the development of agricultural irrigation. Rainbow is recognized as symbols of hope and bond. Our mission is to provide advanced agricultural irrigation products under the LOGO. We aim to make every drop of water more meaningful and help users experience the satisfaction of a bountiful harvest.

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