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Drip Irrigation Tape

  • Advanced flat dripper and high quality PE materials;

  • High clogging resistance and excellent cost performance ratio;

  • Greater filtration area with Multi-Stage filters;

  • Optimized flow passages further resist clogging;

    Wall thickness From 6mil to 16mil (0.15mm to 0.40mm);

    Dripper Spacing: From 10cm to 90cm;

    Flowrate:  1.38L/H, 2L/H, 3L/H and 4L/H;

    Working Pressure Range: 0.2- 1 Bar;

    Recommended Filtration: 130 Micron/120 Mesh

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Features that we are super proud of

Plentirain Flat Driplines (Drip Tape) Adopt advanced flat dripper and high quality PE materials, bringing superior flow rate characteristics
Durable and tough PE tape
Durable and tough PE tape
Using high quality PE raw materials and advanced technology to ensure the quality of irrigation tape, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, and durability.
High clogging resistance dripper
High clogging resistance dripper
The modern integral drippers feature self-cleaning labyrinth design with wide water passages and high water turbulence.
Drip tape wall thickness
Various options
Various wall thickness
(0.15mm~0.4mm) and dripper spacing , suitable for your agriculture drip irrigation system.
Drip tapes in container
Competitive Price
Large output, fast production speed and stable raw material suppliers make our drip irrigation tapes economical and reliable.
Pressure testing on drip tape
High manufacturing uniformity
Production process complies with ISO9261. Inspection is applied to each roll to guarantee what you order is what you get
Drip Tape equipment
Rich manufacturing experience
As a professional drip irrigation tape factory in China, our team has more than 10 years of drip irrigation product manufacturing experience
Drip Irrigation Tape mechanized laying
Suitable for mechanized laying
No broken end in the roll, suitable for mechanized laying. Manual laying is also more convenient and faster
Plentirain Drip tape with warranty
Reliable after-sales service
We offer one-year warranty on the drip tapes and drip lines, and you can get professional advice on drip irrigation projects from our experts

Detailed Description and Specifications

Specification and flow rate
Plentirain Drip Tape specification
Diameter 22mm type can be customized;
OEM production to your package design is available;
Production standard: ISO9261:2004
Pressure and flowrate of 1.38 L flat dripper
Pressure and flowrate of 2.0L flat dripper
Pressure and flowrate of 3.0L flat dripper
The Maximum Running Length
Drip tape running length

Useful tips when installing the drip irrigation tape 

The following tips can make your drip lines work more efficiently and stably. Please refer to it when installing and using the drip irrigation system.
Install the drip irrigation tape
Keep the dripper side upside
When laying the drip line (drip tape) , the side with the dripper should be upside. The force should be uniform when stretched, and keep the drip line naturally straight.
Tips when use drip tape under mulch film
To use dark (black) mulch, or spread a thin layer of soil on the mulch above the drip line; Keep the ground level, or use other methods to prevent the plots and weeds from holding up the mulch film and forming small water droplets; Drip line should be as close as possible to the mulch when using, within 5mm is suggested
Tips when laying the drip line by machinery
Check whether there are iron slag, burrs and other problems which may hurt the drip line in the guide pulley, the guide ring and other parts. Should prevent the mechanical equipment from causing scratches and strains. The diameter of the guide pulley should not be less than 50mm
Pressure of water supply
The water supply pressure of the drip line system should be kept below 100Kpa

Test reports of drip tapes

Test Report -2.0L-3
Our experience with Plentirain has been an absolute pleasure. Mr John works closely with us to source what we need at a reasonable price.
Mameaw & May
Client from Thailand
“It’s been great to cooperate with Plentirain Irrigation company, we are appreciated on good services. Well done! “
Client from Thailand
I and my company are very proud of Plentirain products. Their irrigation equipments that I am using since 2016 are the best quality.
Company Manager from Togo
As a company dedicated to the production of fresh cherries, we have had to modernize all the irrigation systems in our orchards. For this, the support of Plentirain was essential, both for the quality of its products and the attention of its staff.
client from Chile

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