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Proper Water-Saving irrigation methods are efficient and yield-increasing—(3)

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05 Field Flood Irrigation Technology

Field Flood Irrigation

Flood irrigation is a relatively extensive method, which does not do any ditches in the field, and the water is allowed to flow freely on the ground and wets the soil under the action of gravity. According to different ways of wetting soil, it can be divided into border irrigation, inundation irrigation and flood irrigation.

Characteristics of flood irrigation:

(1) Poor uniformity of water, and serious waste of water resources;

(2) Build a dike around the field to form a pit and divert water to the ground to irrigate the field;

(3) It is an extensive method that allows water to flow freely along the slope;

(4) Flood irrigation will lead to land salinization;

It is mainly suitable for these crops: wheat, maize, rice, sugarcane and other large area cash crops.

06 Small Tube Outflow Technology

Small tube outflow refers to the method of drilling holes in the branch pipe and installing the turbulence device, and then installing a section of pipe tube at the other end of the turbulence device, directly reaching the root of the crop.

The components of Small tube outflow water-saving system:

1. Power machinery: extract water from the water source and enter the main network.

2. Header system: including control system, fertilization system and filtration system.

3. Main pipeline network: the main pipeline for water transmission is generally composed of PE pipe and PE pipe fittings.

4. Irrigator: composed of a turbulent flow device and a capillary.

Characteristics of small tube outflow water-saving system:

(1) Energy saving, less blockage problems and simple water quality purification treatment. The diameter of the flow channel of the small tube irrigator is much larger than that of the flow channel or orifice of the drip irrigation irrigator, and the large flow rate is adopted to solve the problem that the irrigator of the drip irrigation system is easy to develop blockages.

Therefore, it is generally sufficient to install 60 to 80 mesh filters at the head of the system (120 to 200 mesh filter media is required for drip irrigation system filters). If well water with good water quality is used for irrigation or water tanks with good water quality are used, filters can also be omitted. At the same time, due to the large mesh size, small head loss of the filter. It not only reduces energy consumption but also prolongs the flushing cycle

(2)Convenient fertilization. When fertilizing fruit trees, the fertilizer liquid can be injected into the pipe to enter the soil of the crop root zone with the water, or the fertilizer can be evenly scattered in the infiltration ditch to dissolve and enter the soil with water. Especially when applying organic fertilizer, various organic fertilizers can be infiltrated into the soil under the ditch, and matured under the appropriate water, heat and gas conditions, so as to give full play to the fertilizer effect and solve the problem that drip irrigation can not apply organic fertilizer.

(3) small tube outflow water-saving is a local irrigation technology, which only moistens part of the soil in the active layer of crop roots on both sides of the infiltration ditch. It has a high water utilization rate, and the water is distributed by pipe network without leakage loss. According to the experiment in Haidian District of Beijing, more than 60% water can be saved compared with surface irrigation.

(4) Strong adaptability.It is suitable for all kinds of terrain, soil, all kinds of fruit trees, etc.

(5) Easy to operate and easy to manage.

Suitable for crops: It can be widely used for irrigation pf crop such as greenhouse, fruit trees, grapes, nursery and so on.

It is particularly suitable for the following cases:

1. The system pressure is unstable;

2. Need to increase the length of the pipe;

3. Complex terrain;

4. The land is not regular;

5. Crop cultivation is not standardized.

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