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6 Aspects of Plentirain Drip Tape

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Drip Tape with Flat Dripper

It’s made from virgin high-quality PE material and black masterbatch.

There are some carbon black in the masterbatch, so it’s anti-aging, and anti-UV.

It’s with uniform flow rate and anti-clogging dripper.

The production is completely automated, and then the drip tape be packed tightly to transport and store.

What are the specifications of Flat Dripper Drip Tape?

The normal diameter is 16mm.

Wall thickness is different from 0.15-0.4 mm,

Dripper spacing is different from 10 cm-100 cm.

There are 5 flow rates: 1.1L/H, 1.38 L/h, 2.0 L/h, 3.0 L/h, and 4 L/h.

Roll length can be 1000m and 2000m or customized.

Working pressure is 1 bar.

Bursting pressure is no less than 2.5 bar.

How to Install the Drip Tape with Water Hose?

First, using a hole punch to make a sixteen mm hole on PVC layflat hose, then loose the tongue of the valve and screw the valve into PVC layflat hose.Finally, fasten by the nut.The other side is connect with drip tape.Loosen the nut first, and then connect with drip tape, finally fasten the nut.

What Should be Paid Attention to When Laying Drip Tape

First of all, the side with drippers should be upside and kept straight.

The second point, scratch, crush and trample should be avoided when it is laid down and used.

Third, insect pest should be handled timely to keep crops and drip tape from damage.

Fourth, it is better to install a filter when use the drip tape. Pipe should be flushed with clean water for 10-20 minutes before and after irrigation.

How to Ensure Plentirain Drip Tape with Stable Quality

First, it is made of virgin PE material, which can ensure drip tape with high strength, long durability, and anti-corrosion.

Second, we have new automated production lines. High-efficiency and high-quality capacity are  important guarantees of product stability.

Third, it is strictly produced in accordance with national quality inspection standards. The products have passed national quality inspection certification.

Fourth, we will spot checks on drip tape during the production to ensure that wall thickness, dripper spacing, and bursting pressure conform to national production standards.

Fifth, we have more than 10 years production experience, advanced production technology and rich experience.

What are the Advantages of Drip Irrigation Compared with Traditional Irrigation

First of all, traditional irrigation use large quantity of water, bring waste of water apparently. It is difficult to control irrigation uniformity and with low irrigation efficiency normally. 

Traditional irrigation will lead to fertilizer being washed, or seeping down, causing fertilizer loss, then plant/crop unable to gain sufficient nutrients.

Second, drip irrigation can achieve the integrated irrigation method of water and fertilizer. During irrigation, transporting nutrients to the roots of the plant, controling irrigation time and water volume effectively at the same time, ensuring plant nutrients and water uniform. That’s why drip irrigation is more reasonable, scientific and efficient than traditional irrigation in the utilization of fertilizers and water resources.

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