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Plentirain Integral Flat Dripper

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What is the Material of Integral Flat Dripper?

Plentirain Integral Flat Dripper. It’s made of virgin material from PE. We have two types of Integral Flat Dripper: single hole and double holes. For single hole dripper, there are 4 flow rates: 1.1L/H, 1.38 L/h, 2 L/h, and 3 L/h. For double holes dripper, the flow rate is 4.0 L/h.

Is the Integral Flat Dripper Anti Clogging?

Of course, Plentirain Integral Flat Dripper is anti clogging.There is a protective filter at the water input window, which can effectively filter impurities. Since that Modern Arc-type Labyrinth design and wide water passages with a certain self-flushing function, it’s anti-clogging and with uniform flow rate.

Only White Integral Flat Dripper?

Normally, the color is white. Blue, green or other colors could be customized according to your requirements. If you have special requirement on the flow rate of dripper, we could also make new mould and produce the dripper for you.


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