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The complete guide of installing drip irrigation system

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How to install the drip tape/drip lines on surface

When laying the drip line (drip tape) , the side with the dripper should be upside. The force should be uniform when stretched, and keep the drip line naturally straight

Lay drip tapes by machines

When laying the drip line by machinery, please check whether there are iron slag, burrs and other problems which may hurt the drip line in the guide pulley, the guide ring and other parts.  Should prevent the mechanical equipment from causing scratches and strains. The diameter of the guide pulley should not be less than 50mm.

Drip lines under the mulch films

When the drip line is used under the mulch film, small water droplets may be formed on the mulch due to sunlight and evaporation. The droplets will gather sunshine to form a high temperature spot, which will burn the drip line. the following measures can be adopted to prevent such problems:

  • Try to use dark (black) mulch, or spread a thin layer of soil on the mulch above the drip line to prevent strong light from penetrating the mulch
  • Keep the ground level, or use other methods to prevent the plots and weeds from holding up the mulch film and forming small water droplets.
  • Drip line should be as close as possible to the mulch when using, within 5mm is suggested;
  • After irrigation, leave some water in the drip line.

Some tips

  1. Water Quality Requirements: Water entering the drip line (drip tape) must be processed by a filtration system of ≥120 mesh to prevent clogging.

2. Water Pressure: The water supply pressure of the drip line system should be kept below 100Kpa ( for PC drip lines, the pressure can varies from 0.6bar to 2 bar)

3. Fertilizer System: Fertilization through the drip irrigation system can give better play to the value and advantages of the drip irrigation system. But in order to prevent fertilizer from polluting the water source, it is necessary to install a check valve (NRV)

4. Routine system maintenance: Should Check the System Routinely to find out the damage or risk timely. When found damage, find out the reason and avoid further damage is important.


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